Helping you get clear on:

  • Who you are
  • Who you serve
  • How you serve them

In your personal and professional life
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 Do you need help understanding people’s personality and communication style?


 DISC profiles clarify those traits while exposing the dispositions and priorities of people in both personal and business settings.


 I provide this invaluable tool to business owners and CEO’s to help them discover and develop the skills and self-awareness of both their team members and themselves. This enlightening assessment also works for couples by helping to strengthen their bond, and for individuals seeking clarity in their relationship and communication styles.



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Clarity and Purpose in 6 Proven, Simple Steps

Do you wonder how many others have planned out their dreams and desires? Are they a majority or a minority? 


The truth is that very few feel like they can escape their hamster wheel. Time flies by yet they continue running with no direction. No clarity. No purpose. 


Based on my 31 years-experience, I have developed my 6 step GROWTH Method™ which leads people into a whole new level of clarity. 



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Meet Laura

Hi, I’m Laura, and I LOVE the Lord!

Clients know me best for helping coaches, consultants, and course-creating entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses with clarity, confidence, and business growth. And, because it’s difficult to succeed at business without also winning in life, I help my clients create that much needed balance through growth with my programs.

  • Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach
  • Certified in Bible and Church Leadership
  • Certified Speaker, Coach, & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team
  • Author of "The Prosperous Leader"


Rave Reviews

  • Veronica, Tampa FL

    My name is Veronica. I started working with Laura last year, and truthfully it is one of the best decisions I've ever made to improve my quality of life. Last year, I felt the need to start working with a life coach because I needed help sorting out different situations and relationships in my life. I needed guidance on reaching my potential, while working on my relationship with God and Laura has all the characteristics I was looking for in a life coach. First, she is professionally qualified, she is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, she is certified Natural Health Professional, and certified in church and Bible leadership. Second, she genuinely wants to help people.

    In the three months that we have been working together, I have been able to make my relationship with God a priority. I have been able to forgive myself and others and releasing all guilt to God in order to start a new foundation. I have been able to identify false believes and restore a healthy way of thinking in order to add value to my interaction with others. I have been able to read and become familiar with scripture, and how I can apply scripture to my life, his has had an important impact in my way of thinking. Currently, I have been going through a lot of changes, and Laura has helped me build healthy boundaries with my family and others. She has help me gain confidence and identify my good qualities in order exploit them to be successful, and work on the aspects I still need to improve. Laura, is always available for a call or to listen to me when I need her. Definitely, I am looking forward to working with Laura for a long time. She is very supportive and I feel like she professionally and genuinely wants to help me. I give God thanks for putting her in my life, and giving my opportunity of working with her.

    Veronica, Tampa FL
  • Jessica Tampa, FL
    She's awesome! I only wish I'd met her sooner. She's accelerating my growth by teaching me what healthy relationships are supposed to look like, what forgiveness really looks like, and guiding me gently but firmly. She's so wise, genuine, kind, and nonjudgmental. I have been to psychologists and psychiatrists before who helped me little if at all with lingering issues of extreme social anxiety, shame, and trauma from years of deep grief and horrific abuse. Laura gives her clients tools that they can use to overcome many challenges and changes how they think.
    Jessica Tampa, FL
  • Ann, Tampa, FL
    Laura has helped me to understand lifestyle habits to become a healthier individual. The tools she has given me has changed my eating habits for the better. I lost 10 pounds in the first three weeks. I have learned how to read labels on my food and understand them for me. I found out that I was dehydrated and by drinking more water I have felt a huge difference in my health because of it. New habits for better living is a benefit. She has given me some incredible recipes that fit my life style. Laura is patient, caring, knowledgeable and wise. If you want a healthy lifestyle then pursue her skills. It is a pleasant journey that you deserve to see positive change in your now and your future. Are you willing to take the challenge? Do you desire change for a better you? Then what are you waiting for? The answer is at your finger tips. Make the call for a better you. You will succeed!
    Ann, Tampa, FL
  • Shirley, Sun City, FL
    Laura is a gracious woman of faith, sincere and trustworthy. She is a good listener and keeps confidentiality. She follows through on her commitments and she has given me wise counsel based on God’€™s word. I am now on her prayer team as well as sharing in a weekly prayer group.
    Shirley, Sun City, FL
  • Vonda, Brandon, FL
    Laura gave me support when I needed it and ministered to me when I had gone through difficult times in my life. She knows the word of God and Laura always guided me with scriptures and verses.  I can honestly say, Laura seeks the Lord in all that she does. She has a genuine love for the Lord and for others. Laura is a very positive person and her heart beat is to lift up and encourage. She is qualified and equipped to lead and I’m thankful for her help in my life.
    Vonda, Brandon, FL
  • Lori, Tampa, FL
    Laura knows her stuff and has helped me tremendously in achieving my goal in eating better and healthier.  She has given me recipes and has taught me about how to read labels. I am still learning from her. I am grateful for all of her knowledge.
    Lori, Tampa, FL
  • Kathy, Columbus, OH
    Laura has been such a positive person in my life.  I love when we talk and on each call, I can hear the passion and motivation in her voice.  She is such a genuine person to speak with and has such an anointing on her life.  She is very knowledgeable when she speaks, because of all the informative information she gives me in regards to living a healthy lifestyle, physically and spiritually.  She has given me many tools that have helped my family stay healthy like:how to keep from getting sick or getting a cold when everyone in the house is so sick, get rid of a sisus infection without using  antibiotics,  get rid of heart burn without taking medicine for it, sleep better, and what signs to look for when you are having a reaction to foods. I am blessed to have her in my life!
    Kathy, Columbus, OH
  • Susan, Tampa, FL
    Laura has been extremely supportive during my difficult journey of breast cancer and a divorce.  She is very enthusiastic and equally knowledgeable on all things related to health and spirituality.
    Susan, Tampa, FL
  • Tracy, Spring Hill, FL
    Laura has walked with me through the valleys, fires, and deep waters. She always has a heart of compassion and words of encouragement. She uses biblical truths and God’s great wisdom to help me in my situation. She is very humble and a great listener too! I have been very blessed by her in our talks and happy she helped me!
    Tracy, Spring Hill, FL
  • Vivian and Willie, Clearwater, FL
    Laura, thank you so much for giving your time for those of us who were in need of help concerning our marriages in our six week series we did together with you. The wisdom and direction you gave was priceless. You were kind and compassionate and without placing judgement or shame. What we learned will be something we can stand on through the years ahead. I’m thankful for the tools we have been given to have a successful and loving marriage. Can’t thank you enough.
    Vivian and Willie, Clearwater, FL
  • Iraida, Tampa FL
    Laura knows her stuff. She helped me with the tools I needed to improve some of the ways I was thinking and how I handled things. She also helped me with my relationship with my children.  Laura encouraged me during these difficult times, always reflecting and using the Word of God. Thank you!
    Iraida, Tampa FL

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What is coaching?
Life can be overwhelming and sometimes out of control. We are stressed out, can’t sleep well and can lose track of what’s important to our well-being. We need help to balance it all out and reach an optimal level of health -mentally and physically.

People are turning to life coaches more and more these days to help them with their personal enhancement, life balance, relationships, and as sense of purpose. Coaches are knowledgeable advisers who will partner with you to provide ongoing support and guidance as you reach your potential. Everything you discuss with your coach is confidential, so you can speak freely without judgement.
Together, we can create an action plan to move you towards your goals and help you to achieve your desired future wherever you live in the world by Facetime or Zoom.
What coaches do:
  • Accept and meet you where you are today
  • Guide you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Help you set realistic goals
  • Develop new skills for success
  • Encourage and motivate you
  • Impart structured steps and support you along the way
  • Find strategies to overcome your obstacles easily and quickly
  • Build a support system
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Provide positive support
  • Give you the tools to move forward and take with you for a life time
  • Get the results you want to make a difference in your life
Your first consultation
Get off to a great start with a little prep work on your part. This will help me get a quicker grasp on what is going on. There are forms to fill out - so please arrive a few minutes early. We don't accept health insurance, so please bring cash, check or credit card to pay for your service.
How are your fees structured?
Well that depends on the level of coaching. When we meet for the first time, we'll discuss a coaching plan and fee structure based on where you are today and where you want to go.
How long do I have to do coaching?
That will depend on a number of variables, but mostly about how open you are to coaching and implementing what you've learned in a healthy & effective way. Some people get coaching through a crisis or season, others for a year and yet others stay in coaching life-long.


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