Better Communication

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January 27, 2017
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We can communicate better by LISTENING to the other person. The ways we can let them know we are doing this are:

  1. When talking to your partner it is important to let them know that you are listening to them as well. Look straight into their eyes and do not look away. This will let them know you have their full attention.
  2. Your body language can say a lot to your partner. Be sure to display engaging body language such as uncrossed arms and rolling eyes.
  3. Make sure all distractions are put away and the TV is off.
  4. Do not interrupt when the other person is talking.
  5. Respect your partner by not getting up and walking around when they are speaking.
  6. After they have spoken repeat what they said to you in a shorter version so they know that you heart them.
  7. Show that you care by responding to what they said.
  8. Do not control or manipulate the conversation.
  9. Be careful the tone of your voice as it speaks louder than your words.

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