In Order to Grow, one only needs the right path

Laura White's Proven 6-Step

G.R.O.W.T.H. Method

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Get Started

The best way to reach any destination is to first, decide where you'd like to go.

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Re-Wire Your Mind

Where are you?
Who are you around?
What are you doing?

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Open Up & Let Go

Many limit themselves because they learn to build their own walls. Those need to come down.

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Wear Your Confidence

What happens when you align your passion, talents, strengths? You discover your gifts.

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Talk to Connect

Communicating with others is difficult for many until they learn these simple principles.

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How your goals Matter

It's more than just "focus." Tap into God's plan for you and confidently move forward.

Get Started.

Many people feel like they’re starting each day without any sort of clear direction.  

And if you’re like most people, you’re holding onto things that helped you survive when you were young, yet now, are likely holding you back. 

This step, called “Get Started,” challenges you to sort through some deep things about yourself and the beliefs that have helped make you into the person you are right now.

You must know who you are and what you want and where you want to go, 

What you are made of.

This is essential to your potential in life and reach a life of fulfillment.

In order to move forward it is essential to understand what are your desires, wants, challenges, and goals.

What is your why and why do you want to do what you want to do.

Your why drives you and keeps you going when things get hard.

Rewire Your Mind.

The late Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”


What does that mean for anyone striving to achieve their greatest potential before they leave this life behind?  

It means there are some serious things to consider when it come to your environment—and who and what you allow to influence you.

What type of fuel is your mind getting? What’s the quality of the wisdom you’re receiving from others or the things you’re reading and watching?

What are the blind spots you’re neglecting entirely?

In this second step, “REWIRE,” you’ll uncover who and what around you is propelling you forward—as well as the toxic thoughts and habits that are anchoring you to be complacent and stagnate.

Open Up. Let Go.

It’s the ONE trait separates humans from all other species.

It’s probably the most powerful human relational mechanism known to mankind: forgiveness. Never easy, “letting go” (the title of this step) often requires serious reprogramming only capable among human beings.

We are all guilty of wronging others, and likewise, we’ve been wronged by others. The burning embers not only often hide far below the surface, but completely strip away any hope for true joy and authentic peace.

There’s an analogy that goes like this: holding onto bitterness and resentment is like holding hot coals in your own hand—you end up being the one who continues to hurt.

It’s a very good thing that God created us with the power to let go of our hot coals, that are often robbing us of any chance of breaking free and moving forward.

If you feel as if being told to Let It Go from a Disney theme song is patronizing and oversimplifying things, you’re not wrong to feel that way.  

It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s rarely easy. However, with some searching and coaching, you might be very surprised at what things in the past you might be holding onto—keeping you tied down.

The past doesn’t have to be relived, or even corrected; but when you master the past and release the lies you’re buying into about yourself and possibly others, you’ll unlock one of the biggest moments of self-actualization and freedom you’ve ever experienced.

Wear Your Confidence.

What Are Your Gifts You Bring To The World?

Ever been told to follow your passion? Maybe that’s terrible advice. Have you ever been advised to improve your weaknesses? That also might be terrible advice.

In this pillar, called “Offerings,” we break down your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, stressors, interests, and what motivates you.

You’ll learn how to use the insights from the DISC Personality and Behavior Assessment, and to immediately upgrade the way you listen and communicate with everyone around you. Like never before, you’ll be equipped on how to overcome conflicts and upgrade your conflict resolution abilities. By the end of this phase, you should be much more confident about how your dreams and ambitions align with your purpose.

Talk to Connect.

(Not to make sure your opinion is received)

Are you having ups and downs in your marriage and having trouble communicating… or have you fallen out of love?

Whether you’re just “going through a little rough patch” in your marriage or feel you’re one step away from quitting, take a breath, and decide to give your marriage—the covenant you and your spouse entered into—the shot it deserves.

As a relationship coach, I help couples discover breakthrough techniques and unlock a brand new level of intimacy. I will show you how to relate to and appreciate one another, to set up healthy boundaries, meet each other’s needs, and have fun together.

Take it from someone who’s been married for over 34 years: marriage takes effort and is hard work! But it’s also one of the most rewarding things God has given mankind.

Goals that Matter

Live a Life With Meaning and a Feeling of Achievement

Is this final pillar, called “How to Go Forward With Goals”, you’ll be challenged to look back at all of your progress you’ve applied to your life (and will continue to work to apply to your life), and set the mighty task of setting noble goals.

How many people do you think leave this earth with regrets, never having achieved their most precious desires? How many forfeit accomplishments they, and their family, would have cherished?

Not you.

Not with my G.R.O.W.T.H. Purpose Finding Method.

You’ll set goals for your life. You’ll put things into place, prioritizing and organizing things that transform chaos into peace!

What road do you want to pave? What obstacles do you know will be inevitable—and what plan will you have to avoid them? What are the necessary habits you’ll need to develop to path that path?

This isn’t about “talking” or “dreaming” anymore; this is about doing—putting the discovering into practice, and reaching your full potential.

If any of this sounds like it can help you move beyond where you’re currently feeling stuck, then book a Discovery Session with me. We’ll learn if this program is best for where you are and there’s absolutely no cost!

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