Laura White, a native of Tampa, Florida, grew up as the oldest daughter in a family of nine. She has been married to her husband for more than 35 years and they have one daughter. Laura is a knowledge junkie, always reading and learning new information to educate herself and others.

Laura worked in the corporate sales world for over 30 years until God changed the direction of her life. She became a Life Coach and helps restore broken relationships, repair marriages, and teaches parents and teenagers to communicate better. Laura has mentored and discipled women for more than seven years and facilitated a support group for six years. She started several support prayer groups for women and moms with teenagers over the past ten years. She also speaks to women to inspire them to recognize their value, their gifts, and their purpose in life.

Laura's heart's passion is to help others reach their potential in life through their God-given talents and to create lasting life change. Laura works with clients who have experienced hurt, pain, lies, or trauma and brings them to a place of inner healing and freedom. She uses and teaches the tools and techniques to create transformation that lasts a lifetime and to build better relationships in all areas—marriage, parenting, work, and friendships. Her experience in coaching, teaching, mentoring, and discipling others can help you find your inner healing, draw closer to God, and elevate the relationships in your life.

  • Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach
  • Certified in Bible and Church Leadership
  • Certified Speaker, Coach, & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team
  • Author of "The Prosperous Leader"


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board of christian life coaching
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